Guidelines for optimum use and connection with your Wise Self

Every time you type in a question think of that moment as getting in touch and attuning to your Higher Wise Self. You should concentrate on the idea of existence, love and wisdom of your Higher Wise Self for a few seconds and feel a sense of satisfaction with that. The whole process won’ t take you more than 30 seconds (if you like more, feel free to do so), but it is important to be done, it is a kind of a small silent ritual that enhances this connection. Then press the submit button and have your answer/inspiration/guidance etc.

When you are given the answer read it and let it linger for a while without any “judgemental” or “trying to analyse it” thoughts, so that it sinks in. Ask then yourself the following question: ''How is my issue related to this answer from my Higher Wise Self''?

If the answer at first sight  does not seem to solve your query let it sink in for a while and give your logical mind some time to absorb the information and to discover the way in which this answer is related to your issue. Repeat the question: ''How is my issue related to this answer from my Higher Wise Self''? Create some space in your mind by restraining your logical mind from jumping into conclusions. Some times the answer will click with you some time later, when you don’ t think about it. It is as if the answer comes out of the blue but it is not. In actuality your initial question has  triggered your Higher Self to “fire” the appropriate synapses into your brain in order to facilitate the access to His information. This synapses’ firing process may take some time depending on the difficulty of the issue at hand.

Another approach you can employ is to try getting different answers (quotes) as many times as you wish. This way your Higher Wise Self gets a chance to present an answer nearer to what your logical mind is ready to comprehend at the given moment regarding the issue that is bothering you.

However, you should understand that it would be best not to obtain too many different answers about the same question because you may create greater confusion to your logical mind rather than helping it.

We recommend not attempting to obtain more than three different answers (quotes) regarding the same question. See which one resonates best with you and follow its advice.

If you are not concerned about any particular question and you are only after a general inspiration or guidance or even if you only want to read a piece of Wisdom and learn from it and make it part of your own wisdom, you can just type in the question field the word ''inspiration'' , ''guidance'' or ''wisdom'' and press the submit  button to receive the relevant quote-answer.

You can also not type anything in the question field if you do not wish to and address your question silently, just mentally. Again, you will receive the appropriate answer from your Higher Wise Self.

However, we recommend opting for typing in your question as the act of doing so creates a better way of connecting your logical mind with your Wise Self. The mere act of typing the question amplifies your connection and touch to your Higher Wise Self. It mainly helps your logical mind tune in and become receptive to being in touch with your Higher Wise Self.