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The purchase of the “Ask Your Wise Self” service is carried out through PayPal (please note you can complete your purchase even if you don’ t have a paypal account. You can only use your credit card without having to create a paypal account prior to your purchase. In such a case you must make sure, you fill in the required field a valid e-mail address, because this e-mail will be used as your user name, so it is necessary to provide it).


As soon as your purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail by PayPal as well as an e-mail by the “Ask Your Wise Self” service providing you with your code. This will be a four-digit number. If you don’ t receive this e-mail in your regular inbox, please also check your spam of junk mail folders, it will probably be there.


The e-mail address you have used for your PayPal purchase will constitute your user name, so make sure it is a valid e-mail address.

This e-mail (user name) along with the four digit code you will receive will be your log-in information.


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In case you need to contact us for whatever reason, whether about a technical support issue, a question or any instruction you need regarding the “Ask Your Wise Self” service, you can e-mail us at the following address: