Imagine if every time you faced a difficulty or a dilemma, had an important decision to take or felt the need for inspiration and guidance, you could call to your aid the wisest part of yourself with the support of all the greatest spirits, minds and personalities that have lived and still live on Earth, to offer you advice. Wouldn't that be truly amazing? Wouldn't that be amazing? Wouldn't it be the best possible help?


That is exactly what the “Ask Your Wise Self” is here to do. It is here to offer you the help of the wisest part of yourself with the support of all the great spiritual teachers, writers, poets, political personalities, great strategic geniuses, great philosophers, holy people, successful businessmen such as:






✵ Jesus

✵ Buddha

✵ Dalai Lama

✵ Mahatma Gandhi

✵ Oscar Wilde

✵ Shakespeare

✵ Theodore Roosevelt

✵ Winston Churchill

✵ Napoleon Bonaparte

✵ Alexander the Great

✵ Socrates

✵ Plato

✵ Rosa Parks

✵ J. Krisnamurti

✵ Aristotle

✵ Heraclitus

✵ Mother Teresa

✵ Confucius

✵ Lao Tzu

✵ Bill Gates

✵ Steve Jobs

✵ Aristotle Onassis

✵ Henry Ford

✵ Einstein

✵ Maya Angelou

✵ Sai Baba

✵ Nelson Mandela

✵ Eleanor Roosevelt

    and many others...

 What is the Wise Self

Each of us carries inside us a very wise part of ourselves. Some refer to it as the Higher Self, others as the Higher Consciousness, the Divine Presence, the Guardian Angel or the Higher Spiritual Guidance. The name is rather unimportant compared to the fact that this part of us exists within us and what's more, we can have access to it at any given time. In reality, this wise part of us craves for us to get into touch with it and offer us its valuable help. Every time it witnesses us facing a difficulty and being in need of an inspiration, this part of ourselves is ready to come to our aid and advice us, inspire us and offer us the best solution. It wants to help us get out of the difficulty we are in, find the best solution when and how we need it.

What the “Ask Your Wise Self” service does for you


The “Ask Your Wise Self” is a service that allows you to get in touch and become attuned with your Wise Self and through thousands of quotes by all these great personalities that have lived, or still do, on planet Earth it offers the appropriate inspiration and answer. Pay attention that the quote is not just any random one but the one you need at the particular moment and the one that will guide you to the solution of what is bothering you or give you the inspiration you need. This choice is made by the wise part within you, the Wise You.

Why you need the help and support of your Wise Self

Dear friend, when you are dealing with a difficult situation and are in need of help, a perspective, an inspiration that you can not find through your logical mind, it is because this problem has been created on a deeper level that can not be readily and easily conceived by the conscious mind you employ for the daily practical issues. In essence, every difficulty is a kind of ''psychic short-circuit'' that you can not quite trace. This untraced ''psychic short-circuit'' manifests in your life through a form of difficulty in your physical reality whether it relates to your finances, career, health, love life, interpersonal relationships or a feeling of disappointment and lack of satisfaction in your life. If your logical conscious mind could locate these ''psychic short-circuits'' then you would have already solved the difficulty you are dealing with.

What can not be achieved by your conscious mind, because of its limited perception, can be easily achieved by your Spirit i.e. your Higher Self. Your Spirit is completely aware of where the ''psychic short-circuit'' has happened but it can not convey the solution easily.

Unfortunately our western civilization is so focused on the external material reality, that most people have not even thought that they have a Higher Self that protects them and is aware of the best and easiest way to success...

Consider having a dream where you feel that something is being communicated to you but you are not quite sure of how to interpret it correctly, whether the meaning of the symbols is correct, so you hesitate to put the message into practice. Your Higher Self is trying to guide you through your symbolic dream. However, in the end there is no practical benefit from having this dream because you are in doubt of understanding its message and naturally you would not want to risk making an important decision based on something you do not fully comprehend.

So there is a communication and understanding gap between your conscious, logical mind that you use for all your practical decisions and your Wise Self that sees the bigger, whole picture of your life and is aware of the best choice for you at any given moment.

This communication gap is bridged in a way through the  “Ask Your Wise Self”, as the messages you receive from your Wise Self are in the language that can be comprehended by your logical conscious mind, the one you use in your daily life.

How your Wise Self employs the quotes

When you have a question, a situation that bothers you or you find yourself in a need for inspiration and guidance, you put your question in the specially designated box offered by the “Ask Your Wise Self” service, and then a quote-answer will appear to match your question.

The answer of the quote is in essence the answer of your Higher Self. It will always reveal the root of the problem, where the spiritual short circuit that we mentioned earlier exists. Your Higher Self, that is the Wise You, never operates on the basis of a temporary solution because it is aware that the same problem will reappear in a different more intense form in another situation in your life. That is why it wants to show you where you need to investigate in order to understand where you have done something that is not in your best interest. It is possible that you have had some mistaken thoughts, that you cling to negative feelings or that you just hesitate to move forward towards something new that you want because of an erroneous habit or an attachment to old patterns. It will show you exactly where you have ''closed your heart''.

Whatever it may be, your Higher Self, through its Wisdom, will reveal to you where you should turn your focus and which path to follow.

Your Wise Self will bring to the surface  what you really have in your heart and what you really want to do in every situation. It will literally teach you how to listen to ''the music and passion of your heart”!


In what situations you can use the Wisdom of Yourself

In almost every area of your life where you feel you need help, areas such as:


• Your finances

• Your career

• Your marriage

• Your personal relationships

• Guidance for your children

• Health issues

• Spiritual quest

• Travel

• Personal changes

• Trusting new friends or partners



It may also be that you are not facing any particular problem, but that you just want to start your day with inspirational guidance. No problem, just ask your Spirit and it will answer within milliseconds. It could be that a demanding challenge that you do not know how to deal with appeared at work - now you know whom to ask. For whatever reason you need help, guidance, inspiration or support, now you know where to turn to, directly and reliably.



Easy access to the Wisdom of Yourself

Furthermore, you can have access wherever you may be, through your mobile phone, without the need for a computer. (As long as you have an internet connection or even without one in case you own an android device and have installed the app that will soon be available).



Read a short quote whenever you feel like it and make its wisdom your own for life.

As Benjamin Disraeli said:
«The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations».

You may also give the service of “Ask Your Wise Self” as a present to the people you love.

A present for which they will be forever grateful.



Allow your self and your beloved ones to swim into the wisdom of the ages and live a carefree and joyous life…


How much does access to your Higher, Wise Self cost?




That's right, you can have access for life to the Wisdom of the centuries, like it has been conveyed by all those great people and teachers that have lived on Earth, and still do, for only 5 usd. And all that through the illuminated guidance of your Higher, Wise Self.


For almost the price of a coffee you can secure the most important benefits you can have for a small investment but with a huge return.


So what do you think? Isn't it worthwhile to buy yourself a coffee today and drink from the aroma of the Wisdom of your Higher Self for life?